To get the best result from your treatment, it is essential to stay on schedule with your medicine.

Many of today’s cancer treatments are made in pill form. Because they are taken by mouth, they might not seem as important as injections or infusions given at the doctor’s office. In truth, cancer pills are just as important as other forms of treatment you may be receiving. Because you are responsible for taking these pills, staying on schedule with your treatment is especially important whether you are at work or home, with family and friends, or on vacation. However, this is not always easy to do.

There are many reasons why you may miss a dose during your treatment. In the busy hours of a typical day you may simply forget to take a dose. Or, maybe you decide to skip a dose on purpose because of side effects or the cost of these pills. Another reason might be that over time you may feel better and think you do not need the medicine. However, your treatment is designed to work best when taken as directed by your doctor. This e-booklet discusses the importance of staying on schedule with your medicine and offers some tips to help you do this.

Pills Used for Treating Cancer

Cancer medicines given by mouth can relieve symptoms and destroy or stop cancer cells from growing. When you take your medicine (by injection or by mouth) it is absorbed by your body. The medicine travels through your blood vessels to different parts of your body looking for the cancer cells.