Find a Treatment Center

Choosing a treatment center is an important decision and may be overwhelming for a person newly diagnosed with lung cancer. It may be helpful to ask your spouse or partner, a loved one or trusted friend, or your primary doctor to help you work through the details.

Tips for Choosing a Treatment Center:

  • Obtain a referral from a trusted physician or another patient with lung cancer. They can be excellent sources for finding the most reliable specialists.
  • Check the physician’s credentials. The American Medical Association’s DoctorFinder for Patients offers detailed information about most physicians' education and experience. Look for physicians with expertise treating lung cancer.
  • Review the National Cancer Institute’s list of comprehensive cancer centers. The NCI recognizes certain cancer centers as NCI-designated Cancer Centers or NCI Comprehensive Cancer Centers. An institution that has earned the distinction of being a NCI Cancer Center or a NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center meets the highest standards of care, research, and treatment.

Additional Considerations When Choosing a Healthcare Facility:

  • Does the facility conduct clinical trials from which I might benefit? There are many ongoing clinical trials for people with lung cancer. It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about this option.
  • Will insurance cover the costs at this facility? Often, it is up to the patient to find out this information. Either call your insurance company or ask someone at your treatment center to call. Most large facilities have people on staff to help with insurance and financial questions.
  • How far away is the center? Remember, you may need to go there frequently for treatment and follow-up, so you will need reliable transportation or someone to drive you to the center. You may also want to inquire about financial assistance for travel.
  • If travel for treatments involves more than a day trip, are there convenient hotels, guest houses, restaurants, etc. for family members? All major hospitals have this information available. You may want to ask to speak with a social worker at the institution or contact the patient services department to obtain the information.