Young adults coping with cancer face challenges that are unique from other age populations.

A cancer diagnosis is most often unexpected. This is especially true for young adults in their twenties or thirties. At this age, it’s normal to feel invincible and to believe that serious illnesses like cancer can happen only to older people. Also, young adults are often misdiagnosed due to the misconception that cancer is an “older person’s disease.”

Young adulthood is a time when most people are focused on their education, career, dating and starting a family. However, as a young adult with cancer, you may feel as if your life has been upended. New concerns may arise such as where to get the best medical care or how to pay for treatment-related expenses.

While there may be an adjustment period where you may delay goals related to your life plan, a cancer diagnosis does not have to keep you from living a full life. This booklet offers helpful guidance and support for how to cope with many of the changes, challenges and adjustments related to cancer, along with places to find support.