With some adjustments, holidays and special occasions can be good times to remember.

Holidays and special occasions are meant to be joyful times that create good memories. We all have memories associated with a special birthday or anniversary, for example. We fondly remember the experience of the occasion, including the excitement of spending time with loved ones and celebrating traditions.

But for the person whose life has been affected by cancer, special occasions may stir up a different set of feelings and thoughts. Caregivers and their loved ones with cancer may feel out of step, worried, or sad when they think about an upcoming holiday or special occasion. For caregivers, it may be especially challenging to keep up with the preparations and responsibilities that often come with celebrating holidays and other special events. You may wonder how you can enjoy a special occasion when your loved one has just been diagnosed with cancer or is receiving treatment and coping with side effects.

But by planning ahead and using the tips discussed in this booklet, you and your loved ones can find ways to get the most out of special occasions, even amidst the challenge of coping with cancer. It is so important that caregivers remember to take care of themselves, too. This e-booklet offers practical suggestions on how to do that, as you care for your loved one.