When people are thinking about enrolling in a clinical trial, they often need someone to talk with who can help them sort through all of their concerns. That’s where CancerCare can help.

CancerCare is a national nonprofit organization providing free, professional services to anyone affected by cancer. Our licensed oncology social workers can help you understand the clinical trial process, provide guidance on coping with potential treatment side effects once the trial begins, and refer you to other valuable informational resources, including:

Support groups. Talking with other people who have taken part in clinical trials can help reduce the feeling that you are going through it alone. These groups provide reassurance, suggestions and insight—all in a safe and supportive environment. At CancerCare, people with cancer and their families take part in support groups in person, online, or on the telephone. All groups are facilitated by licensed oncology social workers.

Connect Education Workshops. Delivered by leading medical experts, these one-hour presentations cover a number of valuable topics for people coping with cancer, including updates on FDA-approved treatments for specific cancer types and research currently being conducted in clinical trials. You can listen live by telephone or online, and you’ll have the chance to ask the experts your own questions. You can also download past workshops from our website.

Publications. Free booklets and fact sheets from CancerCare provide up-to-date, easy-to-read information about clinical trials, treatment updates, managing side effects and improving your quality-of-life while coping with cancer.

Financial help. For those who qualify, CancerCare provides limited financial assistance to help with some treatment-related costs such as transportation and child care.

To speak with one of CancerCare’s oncology social workers, call us at 800-813-HOPE (4673).