People sometimes mistakenly believe that “coping” with cancer simply means living with a problem, whether you like it or not, but coping actually means finding ways to adapt to a diagnosis. You can’t control the fact that you or a loved one has cancer, but you can manage how you respond and live with cancer.

What Is Coping?

Coping is…

  • Managing and understanding what you need to improve your situation
  • Making efforts to bring your problems under control
  • Maintaining a healthy balance between realism and cautious optimism

Counseling to Better Cope With a Cancer Diagnosis

Oncology social workers can help you find ways to cope with the stress of a cancer diagnosis. They can provide guidance and help you and your loved one through the experience of living with cancer. Seeking professional counseling is a strength and a good way to help you cope when you are feeling overwhelmed and attempting to adjust to a cancer diagnosis. Individual counseling provides a safe space to share and examine situations that you may discover yourself challenged by.