Post-surgery FOLFIRINOX chemotherapy showed benefit over standard gemcitabine treatment

In a randomized phase III trial, patients who received a modified regimen of adjuvant (post-surgery) FOLFIRINOX lived a median of 20 months longer and were cancer-free 9 months longer than those who received gemcitabine, the current adjuvant standard of care.

The modified FOLFIRINOX regimen contained the chemotherapies oxaliplatin, leucovorin, irinotecan and fluorouracil.

What Patients Need to Know

The next step will be to explore the timing of chemotherapy, as patients may also benefit from neoadjuvant (before surgery) chemotherapy to destroy undetectable cancer cells that have spread to other parts of the body.

Phase lll trial showed benefit from chemoradiotherapy before pancreatic cancer surgery

Results of the randomized phase III PREOPANC-1 trial showed that patients who received chemoradiotherapy before pancreatic cancer surgery had longer disease-free survival than those who started their treatment with surgery.

The median overall survival was 17.1 months with preoperative chemoradiotherapy compared to 13.7 months with surgery followed by chemoradiotherapy. Among patients whose tumor was successfully removed surgically, the difference in median survival was even greater: 42.1 months with preoperative treatment compared to 16.8 months with surgery followed by chemoradiotherapy.

What Patients Need to Know

In addition to a longer median overall survival, the chance of surviving longer than 2 years was higher with preoperative treatment than with surgery followed by chemoradiotherapy (42 percent versus 30 percent).

Chemotherapy regimen LV5FU2 shows benefit as maintenance therapy in metastatic pancreatic cancer

The randomized phase II trial PRODIGE35/PANOPTIMOX evaluated the effectiveness and safety of the chemotherapy regimen LV5FU2 (leucovorin plus bolus and infusional fluorouracil) as a maintenance treatment approach for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer.

What Patients Need to Know

Maintenance with LV5FU2 appears to be feasible and effective in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer that has been controlled after 4 months of FOLFIRINOX induction chemotherapy.